The island of Vis is one of the few islands that has, almost vanished, intact Mediterranean atmosphere which was not been destroyed by apartmentalisation and hotel facilities. Mostly this is because the whole Vis was, for almost 50 years, a military zone with a large military establishments and the prohibition of entry for all foreigners.

But this isolation has left untouched beautiful nature, secluded sandy coves with crystal clear water, organic agriculture and cultural heritage, one of the main reasons why Vis is so popular among tourists in recent years, especially among the sailors.

Vis is the most outerly lying larger Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea with an area of approximately 90 km2 with a population of just over 3500 inhabitants. The town of Vis is located in a relatively large and protected bay on the north-east side of the island facing the island of Hvar and the Dalmatian mainland. The port of Vis is located in the south-west part of the bay. The port is protected from open sea influence by the small island of Host and the Prirovo peninsula. Other ports on island Vis are smaller and located in Kut and Stonca, which are also parts of the town of Vis.

Island Vis, like the whole Dalmatia has Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures above 25 ° C and in winter temperature above 5 ° C.